Medical Massage

What Is “Medical Massage”?

Medical massage covers a number of techniques that help to alleviate pain and restore function. We work to get muscle spasms, and shortened muscles to relax and to stimulate overstretched muscles to work again. We work with your chiropractor to get you mobile and pain free. During the session your therapist may ask you about pain levels. We use a 10 scale and do not want pain to rise above an 8. Going too deep can cause muscle damage and the muscle will begin to resist our efforts. This is why we ask about pain. Remember that less pain, equals greater gain. It is also important for you to understand that in most cases, you feel pain in muscles that are overstretched. Your therapist may work on the opposite side of your pain in order to balance the muscular “pull”.

Will I Have To Get Undressed?

Most treatments can be performed through your clothes for your personal comfort. We do ask that you avoid jeans or clothing that may inhibit your movements.

How Long Are Sessions?

You may choose a half hour, hour or hour and half session. Please schedule ahead of time to assure that you have an appointment.

I Get Swedish Massage Elsewhere; Do I Really Need Medical Massage?

There is a difference between Swedish Massage and Medical Massage. Swedish is designed to relax superficial muscles, soothe the nervous system and improve blood flow. Medical Massage improves the function of the muscles, connective tissue and nerves of the body, for pain free activities. Both are important and your doctor can tell you if you need Medical Massage in addition to Swedish Massage.

What About After The Massage?

Your therapist may show you stretches and movements that you can do at home to further your healing. You may feel slightly sore the day after the treatment. This is normal and should pass quickly. It will be important for you to drink plenty of water after the treatment to re-hydrate the tissues of the body. 



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