Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Posted by on Jun 14, 2011 in HCG, Support, Weight Loss | 3 comments

One of the greatest things about losing weight is that you’re never the only one who notices the difference, and when others notice it, and say something, you feel like a million bucks. The only problem that arises is when they ask, “So how did you do it?”

The hCG diet is all over the news right now, and not just for it’s effectiveness, but for it’s controversial low calorie diet as well. When people feel passionately about something, whether for or against, they’re outspoken about it, and sometimes in the quest to be heard, and be right, others get trampled on. This diet is no different. If you go onto a public online forum about hCG, you will see all kinds of naysayers, actually getting angry about the methods practiced during a round of the diet. I want to encourage you to be aware that people might react negatively if you tell them you’re doing hCG, and that if and when they do, you can come here and find a group of people who’ve walked that road before, and will help pick your spirits back up when they’re torn down! You’re not alone!

I was part of an online forum that got taken over by uneducated people trying to tell those of us doing the diet that we were failures and cowards, and that we would gain all of our weight back, just like all the other fad dieters have. The truth of the matter is that hCG is a proven method for weight loss, and IF you stick to the protocol, and the maintenance plan, you will have success. Just like with any diet, if you stray from the rules, well, of course you’ll gain it back. It’s not about the diet you chose to do, but the choices you made after the diet finished.

A classic rule of most support groups, be it recovery or weight loss etc., is that you have to surround yourself with people who are not dream stealers. Weight loss is your dream right now, and no one has the right to try to steal that from you. So when you encounter these people who just don’t get it, just walk away. Thank them for their concern and kindly remind them, the choices you make are not for everyone. You can do this, no matter what anyone says, and this community is here for you!

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