Nutritional/Fitness Guidance

Why do you offer these services?

W are very aware that the body needs correct nutrition in order to heal and perform at its best. In addition how we move impacts not only our jobs but how fit we can become! Ever wonder why your abdomen never gets tighter even though you do hundreds of crunches? We can meet with you and assess how your current posture
may be impacting your movement patterns. We can also assist you seeing how your current fitness routine or sport may be impacting your overall posture.

Does nutrition really play that important a role in health?

Everyone is aware of the importance of Vitamin C on health but did you know it plays a significant role in the connective tissue of your body? Both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients can impact the healing of tissue and the proper functioning of tissues. You can have your intake analyzed to see where you are at with regards to your intake of important tissue building blocks!