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Shoulder Problems

The shoulder joint includes four tendons that hold muscle to bone, which impact a wide range of motion of the neck, arm, and upper back. Trauma to one or more of these can cause pain and limit range of movement.

As a result of the many parts making up the shoulder, how the pain manifests will vary from one patient to another. The pain may be felt constantly or only during movement. There are many possible causes of shoulder pain, and there are multiple chiropractic techniques available. Manual adjustment is one technique that may relieve the pressure causing the pain. After locating the misaligned vertebrae in the neck, gentle pressure is manually applied to reposition the vertebrae. These adjustments can help restore alignment, improve mobility, and relieve pain and stiffness.

Other types of treatment that may also be recommended for relief of shoulder pain may include:

  • moist heat
  • ice packs
  • massage
  • stretching and strengthening exercises.