Explanation of Visits


  • $65 per 30 minutes for evaluation and per chiropractic visit
  • $35 per 30 minutes for medical massage/soft tissue assessment
  • $130 for 2nd visit
  • $130 for 1 hour intensive visit with chiropractic
  • $70 for 1 hour for medical massage
  • $65 per 30 minutes with acupuncture
  • $110 for acupuncture evaluation

First Visit

Your New Patient visit allows the Chiropractor and Therapists to see how our treatment protocols will assist in your healing and any underlying health issues. You will have a range of motion test done to determine a baseline of your joint mobility and will also meet with the Chiropractor for a treatment. You may or may not be referred for an X-ray before Chiropractic treatment. The Doctor will then review treatment plans and explains our protocols with you.
Length of visit: One hour
Payment: No payment

Second Visit

On this visit you will be given a neurological and orthopedic exam as well as a second treatment. Our goal is to both gather more information about you and your current condition as well as observe the first treatment's progress.
Length of visit: One hour
Payment: $130 if paid at time of service

Third Visit

During this visit, we will perform a HPA (home program assessment) as well as a soft tissue assessment. This will consist of some balance exercises to determine your proprioception (the sense of your body in space). The soft tissues assessment determines the muscles that may be involved in the holding patterns that are creating or adding to your pain.
Length of visit: Half hour
Payment: $65 if paid at time of service

These three visits allow for us to provide a full treatment protocol suited to your specific needs. This allows us to refer other medical professionals, if need be, or to provide your insurance company with substantial facts about your condition and treatments.

Nutritional Assessment

You and your doctor may decide that a nutritional assessment would benefit your healing. If the body is not provided with the correct raw materials, it may impact the rate and the quality of healing. Ask you Doctor for more information.
Length of visit: Half hour
Payment: $30 if paid at time of service

Acupuncture Assessment

Our Licensed Acupuncturist will explain the benefits of treatment as well as NAET; a natural way to eliminate allergies that inhibit healing or interfere with everyday living. Other areas include: migraines, weight loss, smoking cessation, pain management and stress reduction. The Acupuncturist can also recommend herbs to you to help with your treatment.
Length of visit: One hour
Payment: $110 if paid at time of service

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